Caitlin Harper

About the work

I developed an educational AR application for use at the Nottingham Industrial Museum that allows users to digitally build their 160-year-old beam engine using physical cards.

To do this I drew up my own schematics and with these and a plethora of photos, 3D modelled the engine.

I’ve created a website solely for this project, which includes video demonstrations, my development process, and more information about the museum and my project.


Student Bio

I began studying at confetti in 2012 with the aim of entering the games industry as a 3D modeller.

Since studying for my Masters I am now building my own business where I can develop Augmented Reality apps for museums. Without being given the opportunity to pursue this idea during my Masters, it’s unlikely I would’ve been able to develop the skills and knowledge to follow through with this plan.

You can check out more of Caitlin’s work on ArtStation and Sketchfab.


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