Jake Eden

About the work

My project was to investigate the current workflows for 3D scanning insects with Photogrammetry. The result of the project was to be able to create accurate 3D models of insects.

Photogrammetry is the process of making 3D models of objects by taking photos of the object, and the software figures out the shape of the object based upon the different image perspectives. I needed access to dead specimens that I could photograph, so I was able to use the specimens and lab space at the Natural History Museum to capture the images needed for scanning. Some of these specimens were over 100 years old and yet had not shown any sign of decay or damage.

I also needed to build a turntable which would rotate the specimens in 9-degree steps at set intervals in which the camera would take a photo. This was to ensure I captured enough images of the specimens from different perspectives for the Photogrammetry software to reconstruct the insect. Creating one image set of an insect took about an hour. Processing the images and creating the model in the software would take about a day, highlighting just how much work and preparation is needed to create accurate photogrammetry models. I also ensured to offset the carbon produced from travelling to London and back to help support climate sustainability efforts.

Student Bio

I have been at Confetti for the past six years. I started out on a L3 VFX course, followed by a degree, and finally onto the Masters course.

Throughout my time at Confetti, I have had the opportunity to work on several VFX projects as well as collaborate with current and former Confetti students.

I’d say the best experience I’ve had was the ability to use the resources and facilities of the Natural History Museum whilst studying. Currently, I am working as a VFX freelancer and I have just completed a PGCE so I aiming to get into teaching in the FE sector.

You can check out more of Jake’s work on his website.

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