Abigail Penn-Smith

About the work

For my matte painting project, I wanted to create a fantasy/alien theme. This was because I found this theme very interesting when doing research into ideas for my painting. I was inspired by the film, Prometheus and also concept art created in this style.

The narrative for my matte painting is quite a harsh alien landscape because the planet has been taken over by a leader that believes in control, especially over the people who live there. In this landscape the leader’s main building is looking down at a village in the distance, which they keep a close eye on. The building’s quite futuristic but also very intimidating.

To create this matte painting I used Photoshop for the main background of the sequence, Maya for the 3D building and Nuke for the 3D projection and adding in visual elements such as fog.

When creating this matte painting I felt really challenged, especially with coming up with my own ideas. However, by working through the process from pre-production to post-production I have learnt the amount of time that goes into a project is really important to come out with a good outcome. I have really enjoyed creating this piece of work and am proud of what I have created.

Student Bio

Choosing to study at Confetti was a really good decision.

I have learnt a lot from studying here even in my first year. I have already had a lot of opportunities, for example being part of the Industry Week, where industry guests are invited to speak about what they do. My favourite guest was Adam Dewhirst who is working for a company called DNEG; he was really interesting and clearly had a passion for his job. This opened my eyes to what the industry was really like as I did not have much knowledge before going to Confetti.

Confetti has helped me realise that I definitely want to go into the visual effects industry in the future.

So far, I am really enjoying using the software Maya, as it allows me to be creative and think about how objects are made.

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