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About the work

The project presented here was based around the core idea of the role of minimalism in providing a catalyst for creativity. Modern tools provide the music producer with never before seen levels of choice, plugin synthesisers and processors abound. However, I felt that often the sheer volume of choice can lead to paralysis of creativity. I wanted to address that by creating a three track EP, with each track being produced with very limited resources. Specifically, Rytm was a track created entirely on an Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine, which was multi-tracked in to Ableton and then mixed down. The track entitled Filterjam was made without any traditional sound sources.

Inspired by the works of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the sounds of the track were created by forcing a filter into self-oscillation at given pitches, and also recording tape hiss, to create percussion from.

The final track, JX8P, used the Roland JX8P synthesiser for all synth parts and Roland TR-909 drum machine parts for all percussion.

The entire process forced me to delve much deeper into the sounds I was designing for the track and force innovation, where before I may just have reached for a new preset.


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Student Bio

Coming to Confetti was part of a fairly tumultuous change to my life, having left the military after 11 years’ service due to injury, after which I decided on a complete career change. Fortunately the course has been excellent and given me a great grounding to move forward with. The flexibility of the modules has meant I have been able to work on projects that reflect my specific interests of electronic music.

Moving forward, I hope to continue to develop as a Techno producer and DJ, ultimately working towards becoming a touring act. Alongside this, I am also currently building an electronic music specific studio called ‘7 Deadly Synths’, which I intend to open up to the Nottingham electronica community soon.

Quite simply, I hope to make my living from working on my passions.

Best Audio and Music Production Student of the Year

Adam was awarded the course’s Best Audio and Music Production this year.

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