Adam Brown

About the work

A to scale recreation of Twenty Eight barbers in Nottingham with adjustments made to ‘gameify’ the scene. These adjustments were the use of a cell shaded filter to bring out the character of the building and give it a distinct style.

A strong plan was essential for a project of this scale including things such as time management, asset lists, building measurements and an image bank of all assets in the building which allowed me to keep track of progress and see what needed to be developed next. Development of the project started with the base structure and progressed to individual assets which included the cell shaded filter created in Engine. There were some issues along the way which is why I spent a large majority of project ensuring my timeline was up to date allowing room for problems.

Student Bio

Now that I have completed my degree, I’ve been able to reflect on all the great experiences I’ve had over the past three years.

From a trip to Germany for the Japan Tag event in my first year, to the overwhelming amount of experienced guest speakers at all three of Confetti’s Industry Week that I’ve experienced – all the new skills I have acquired with my creative mindset have allowed me to recreate my favourite barbers to a standard I am very proud of.

I’ve been able to grow my network of friends and colleagues meeting inspirational people who have helped me on my journey towards my career in the industry, with my long-term aspiration of becoming a creative director.

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Games Production/Technology Student of the Year

Adam received the Student of the Year award this year. Since joining Confetti, Adam’s academic ability has been second to none. What’s more, he’s given so much back to Confetti and his peers by being a course rep and student ambassador – two very important roles.

Adam’s industry engagement has been exceptional and we’re expecting big things of him as he progresses his career in the games industry.

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