Adam Queenan

About the work

This project involved creating music for the video game Boss Battle. Our client Adam Brown, a BSc (Hons) Games Production student, also studied at Confetti. The game has three levels, each of which get more difficult as the player progresses. The music needed to follow suit and increase in intensity as this progression occurred.

Lawrence Lucas and I began the production process by analysing the music of classic video games. We discovered that a theme was needed across the different levels. Naturally, we felt elements of high-energy electronic dance music would fit well alongside the theme we created. The key to the project’s success was having a clear vision, enjoying the process, and working well as a team.

I believe that being diverse is an important aspect when working in the music business. So far, my networking and team working skills have been developed by being flexible with the people I work with. As I progress into my career in the music industry, I hope to continue designing sound for video games. I also look forward to new challenges in running events to help promote my record label in the years to come.

Student Bio

I started studying the BTEC Audio and Music Technology course at Confetti back in 2015. The course was very inspiring to me, opening my mind to future possibilities. Learning about the music industry and how to network has been important part of my development in the field. I then decided to move on to study the BSc Audio and Music Technology degree, there I found a strong interest in video game sound design.

The skills I gained from studying allowed me to begin promoting for the now successful Nottingham Trance event Cuckoo. The story of Cuckoo began by me contacting an enthusiastic Trance fan on Facebook. He then decided to start the event, and now the biggest artists in Trance play in our hometown.

I aspire to release my own music; start my own music event company; run a dance music record label; and design sounds for video games.

You can connect with Adam via LinkedIn.

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