Alex Coleman

About the work

I have included five different projects that I’ve completed through my first year as a university student at Confetti with a strong focus on Branding and Advertising throughout my projects.

WWF Deforestation Campaign

A campaign that is meant to spread awareness around deforestation by focusing on animals that are endangered as a way to connect to the audience through eye contact and vulnerable poses.

Montana Coffee Packaging

A university project based around creating a packaging design for any brand. I decided to create a new brand named ‘Montana Coffee’ which is translated to ‘Mountain Coffee’.

Finish Fast Fashion

A university group project/campaign that focuses on the sustainability issue of Fast Fashion that I was the lead designer in.

Art Fund

A campaign designed and targeted towards the percentage of the population that do not currently go to museums or art galleries. The main concept of the campaign is to give the viewer different locations and emphasise the short distance between the viewer’s potential location and the gallery with the tagline “Right Around the Corner”.

Nottingham Contemporary

A mini brief based on the rebranding of modern and contemporary art gallery Nottingham Contemporary.

Student Bio

I began studying at Confetti in 2018 for my BTEC Level 3 in Graphics & Digital Design and came back for the Foundation Degree in Graphics and Digital Design because of how much the tutors at Confetti helped me to progress my design career, through detailed feedback and advice, as well as how friendly everyone is.

Throughout my experience at Confetti, I have taken part and been offered a large amount of different work placement opportunities including Hockley Hustle, UNIdays and STENCIL which all offered different experiences and lessons about the design industry.