Alex O’Neill

About the work

“Hanza” is a short Unreal Engine 4 scene, developed over the course of my Masters Degree at Confetti. Focusing on the production of hard-surface elements and visual design. Emulating the style and art techniques used by Cloud Imperium’s “Star Citizen”.

I used a mid-poly workflow, with deferred decals to make an optimized hard-surface scene, produced in 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4.

Student Bio

Throughout my time at Confetti, I’ve been working hard on developing my skills as a 3D artists, with the opportunities to talk with various people in the industry.

Additionally, working with the game jam during Industry Week has allowed me to develop and further my skills as an artist, and a team leader. My aspirations for the future are to become a Hard-Surface Environment Artist.

You can check out more of Alex’s work on his ArtStation page, or connect via LinkedIn.

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