Alfie Holloway

About the work

The animation Bubbled was created in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University Animation student, Victoria Adeyelu, in which I and Adam provided sound design, post production, and music composition services for the animation.

Finishing the animation posed its challenges during the lockdown period as we worked remotely on the post production. Our communication remained consistent which enabled us to complete the project to a high standard. The skills developed in the projects fuelled my ambition to consider post production as a potential career avenue.

Student Bio

After completing a BTEC course at Confetti, I was able to identify audio technology as the path to continue down. I progressed onto the Audio and Music Technology degree full of nerves and felt some self-doubt. However, it’s incredible what you can achieve when you find something you love!

Completing the degree is my best achievement to date and it has equipped me with skills and knowledge that I am confident will assist me greatly in my pursuit of a career in professional audio.

I felt extremely lucky to be one of the first years to use the newly developed world-class studios. The time to study at Confetti was perfect!

Alongside my studies, I undertook internships at two respective recording studios in Nottingham. These experiences shaped my professionalism and I gained confidence working on a variety of projects and with clients of all abilities. I additionally spent time at Spool Post Production in Nottingham, working on the audio for an upcoming feature film. These experiences truly fuelled my desire to work in professional audio.

You can you connect with Alfie via LinkedIn.

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