Andrew Melfi

About the work

I was given the opportunity to create multiple projects throughout the final year of my degree, including A Blacksmith’s Home which was inspired by games like Skyrim and God of War as I imagined it would be in a similar universe to them. This project was modelled and textured by myself and with the use of external packages I was able to import assets like the trees and blades of grass to enhance the immersion and detail.

At Confetti I had access to industry-standard professional software such as Photoshop, Maya, and ZBrush as well as hardware like Cintiq drawing tablets. This all increased the creative possibilities for my work and meant I could take each asset created for the environment from low poly in Maya, to high poly in ZBrush before texturing them in Substance Painter.

This was my first experience with creating a full 3D environment and I knew the direction I wanted to go from the beginning. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to develop my skills in for future opportunities.

Student Bio

My journey throughout the six years at Confetti have been extremely eye-opening for me as I started a Level 2 course not knowing what I wanted to do within games. However, throughout my time at Confetti the encouragement and support from my tutors has allowed me to create work that I am very proud of.

Confetti was exactly what I needed to kick-start my love of game design and the creative artwork that goes into making the games we all know and love. I’ve had some amazing experiences working on a variety of projects with many great artists which also allowed me to develop my skills in other areas of game development such as animation, environment art, programming etc.

Attending events within Confetti such as Industry Week was a huge inspiration to aspiring artists like myself as it allowed me to connect with industry professionals.

This is a very exciting time for me, now that my university course is over as I further develop my skills and knowledge of games art to hopefully land a position in a games studio.

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