Annie Hossenbux

About the work

The concept for Lille Village began as a miniature village where the villagers have created their dwellings with the surrounding wood in a swampy setting. The aim was an eerie mood, with an air of still abandonment.

To keep the style uniform, I created a wood texture in Substance Painter, and created a trim sheet within ZBrush. I then used the same texture on both the sculpted trees and on the stylized trim sheet used to create the wood panels on the houses.

The composition of the village was made of varying sized dwellings in a communal style where all buildings are facing towards the middle, with smaller assets scattered throughout.

With the use of volumetric fog and multiple sources of light, and the addition of sounds, I was really able to capture the dark, atmospheric mood.

Student Bio

I’ve been at Confetti for about two years, and started as a complete newbie when it came to the production of games. In those years I’ve learnt so much about the games industry from the ground up.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear direct experience from people who work in the industry, which has opened my eyes to the level of dedication required to achieve the very best. If there is anything I have learnt here at Confetti, it’s not just to aim towards the top of those around you, but to aim higher towards the quality of work of those within the industry itself, and to always work smart!

Check out more of Annie’s work by visiting her ArtStation page.

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