Aran Everitt

About the work

The Organ Grinder was my third-year 3D environment – a small pub located in Nottingham. After getting permission to create it, I photographed it and spent the next 3 months creating a photorealistic version somewhat true to the original.

The second phase was to reimagine it in one of three themes. I chose Cyberpunk. Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies of all time and Cyberpunk 2077 had just been released, so I had plenty of inspiration and reference for what I wanted the Organ Grinder to look like. I learnt a variety of techniques during this phase, primarily designing an interior environment, decals in Unreal 4 and setting up realistic lighting. I had a lot of fun making the environment and I’m really proud of it came out.

Student Bio

I’m Aran, a sound designer and composer for games. I started life at Confetti 5 years ago on the college Games Technology course. Despite originally planning to study music, I always dreamt of making video games and so my journey began. Knowing I wanted to do something involving audio, I spent the second year of college learning all about sound design.

I chose to continue with the BSc Games Production course. Although there was little to do with audio, I was able to refine my modelling and programming skills, and group projects gave me the chance to do sound design and composition. Industry Week was a valuable opportunity that gave me insight into the games industry from professional perspectives, further pushing me to work hard. My next step (or leap) after Confetti is refining my portfolio and hopefully finding a job in the industry!

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