Ben Crossley

About the work

The binaural beats part of my project took inspiration from past research into the area of immersive audio. I attempted to create and compare binaural audio utilising binaural panning techniques to place the listener into a 3D sound environment. This was then compared with regular stereo audio to understand how the binaural panning enhanced immersion.

The second part of my project researched the use of convolution reverb and impulse responses on several pieces of audio to simulate a cathedral environment. This was then compared to an algorithmic cathedral reverb applied to the same audio, to discover which reverb offered the most authentic emulation of real-world reverb in a cathedral environment.

Student Bio

Since joining Confetti in 2018, I have received the opportunity to work on some amazing projects and attend some great talks by music industry legends. From working on a local podcast to recording the Limelight Orchestra, the opportunities to gain work experience through Confetti has been great. Each year Industry Week has provided an excellent selection of guest talks and workshops, giving me a chance to learn from industry leaders first-hand.

I hope to take what I have learnt during my time here into a future job in sound design and audio production, possibly in film, tv and video game work.