Ben Szymanski

About the work

My final major project, which I put my heart and soul into, was my final year short film Secretly Suffering based on true events and highlighting the importance of mental health and exposing the dark corners that no one knows about.

This was easily the biggest challenge I’ve ever experienced as I was struggling with my mental health for a long time and wanted to finally express this in my final-year film. Although the effects of COVID-19 have put filming on hold, what I did make felt very special and I hope to complete this in the future. Making this project truly put me to the ultimate test and I felt I’ve learned a lot from making this project. The story follows Natalie, a young woman who struggles to adapt to adulthood because of what happens behind closed doors between her and her mother.

Come Downstairs is a scene taken from a script written by Nottingham director and special effects artist, Steve Best.

Greed is the final short film submitted by Ben Рa film submission as part of his second year.

Please note, these films contain some strong language with scenes of violence. 

Student Bio

My Confetti journey started five years ago when I did the Film & TV Production college course at Confetti. I really enjoyed my time studying on this course, and I learnt a lot along the way with the support of excellent staff and tutors, as well as getting some great industry opportunities. I didn’t want to leave Confetti so chose to continue my journey on the degree course in Film Production Technology.

I got more industry insight when I began taking up weekly work experience at Notts TV, which then expanded to opportunities with Spool Films and later the BBC; all of which were not only such fun opportunities, but have made such a huge impact on me in.

I’m currently working from home on the Grads4Notts internship scheme where I am pursuing my goal of becoming an offline video editor, editing corporate videos for local businesses and I hope to find further work in the media industry.

Check out more of Ben’s work on his Vimeo page, or contact him via LinkedIn.

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