Cameron Feetham

About the work

My current project is consisting of a 3D model that I have previously completed (minus complete UV’s and textures) to improve my detail skills of 3D models. This model design is based on a game called Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun with some adjustments from other inspiration designs from Mods for C&C3 called Tiberium Essence.

The first model attempt I made was one Maya 2018 last year during mid-late summer/early autumn 2020 as I quite enjoyed the C&C games and I wanted to replicate one of the vehicles from the games as practice for my 3D modelling skills. I started with the legs which were originally stuck to the body until the rest of the model came along. This was also rendered in Maya using Arnold along with some additional lighting.

Student Bio

Despite being put onto the online side of things throughout the pandemic, it has not hindered my working and learning experience on these projects. I have met a great deal of great and talented people in sessions and including ones already working in the Games industry through Industry Week. Such as Sally Blake (Silent Games), Andy Davis (Rockstar North) and Brenda & John Romero (Romero Games Ltd.).

With all these skills learnt throughout the years at Confetti, my aspirations are laying within 3D Modelling from props, the vehicle and machines to potential character modelling. These will be my focus specialised skills throughout the gaming industry.

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