Christian Waldram

About the work

The project was straight forward – build a 3D scene and populate it with assets.

I started with idea generation, what I wanted to make and what pieces I would need – almost like a puzzle. From this I went to designing and researching, finding pictures online and taking pictures of items that I wanted for the scene, I designed my own version of those which I couldn’t get a clear image of. Next was the modelling process, making those items in 3D and making them look close to the real-life counter parts. Then onto texturing and finally setting the scene in Unreal Engine.

It was a fun project with a lot of different problems to solve along the way.

Student Bio

Confetti for me was a split-decision choice, not my original plan. Five years in and I can say I definitely do not regret the choice I made.

There’s been plenty of ways for me to expand my reach in the industry via Industry Week, by talking with people who have been and are in the industry, and working with professionals during project work; thanks to Confetti and their hand in bringing these projects together.

My original goal was to become a concept artist, but I found my skills and future as a 3D Artist and hope to find my place in the industry doing what I do best – making 3D assets.

You can check out more of Christian’s work on ArtStation, or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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