Dani McGirr

About the work

East meets West

East meets West is the showcase product after combining 2 final year modules. These modules being the dissertation and 3D environment modules.

Dissertation Section

In this part, the main aim was to build and construct a to-scale recreation of a real-world location that would later be changed and adapted to something completely different. In this case, the building that I chose to recreate was that of the historical Revolution House located in the village of Old Whittington, Chesterfield.

When undergoing this section, I knew that I wanted to twist the environment to better showcase the building, as well as my personal skills. This twist came in the form of me attempting to combine the visuals of the building today with the feel and ambience of the building in the past.

3D Environment Section

In this part, the aim was to change and adapt the pre-modelled building and environment that was constructed previously. From the available options, I decided to adopt an environment that would showcase some form of traditional Japanese environment. During the adaptation of the pre-existing building, I decided to loosely base the new model on the architectural style of the buildings found in the Japanese village of Shirakawa go. However, the environment was mainly based on personal preference, using current images from games that contained similar styles.

Student Bio

My 3-year journey at Confetti studying Games Production was filled with unexpected and unique experiences in which I made several personal discoveries.

I’ve said this countless times before, but the opportunities Confetti have given me over my 3 years were too numerous to count: from small Q&A discussions with individual lectures to massive chances to hear from professionals still in the field at the renowned Industry Week.

However, one thing is for certain the bonds that I’ve created with the many lectures is something I will never forget. As each one of them gives a little something that makes Confetti what it is.

As for myself, I hope to continue this amazing journey that I have started on and in the future take my first steps into the professional environment by creating my own small company or by working on freelance projects.

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