Daniel Fairchild

About the work

The aim of this project was to recreate a building with a cyberpunk twist. I chose the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery as it is one of my favourite local buildings. I wanted to keep the building recognisable, so instead of changing the physical geometry, I decided to retexture it and add elements.

The scene is heavily influenced by Blade Runner which is one of my favourite films. It includes lots of references to characters in the film, including to Roy Batty who is the villain in the film and the focus of my environment. I also wanted to highlight specific elements related to the gallery, including the lace textured walls that now glow.

I took a few logos made for the gallery by artists and turned them into holograms. The pattern for the zebra hologram can be seen on the inner doors in the real building. I incorporated a few advertisements on the side of the building including one for a brain dance course at Confetti, which is the virtual reality technology from Cyberpunk 2077. One element kept the same was the iconic Vegas sign as it already fitted the cyberpunk aesthetic.


Student Bio

I have completed Level 3 and a BSc in Games Production at Confetti. I learned a wide range of skills that are relevant to the industry I want to work in. I have engaged with professionals in 5 Industry Weeks, including hearing from John Romero and other game designers.

At university, I have fulfilled a number of roles including being president of the NTU Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society and becoming a student mentor and student ambassador. I am dyslexic and have received excellent support at Confetti. I treat dyslexia as an advantage rather than as a disability. I am about to start a job at Dambuster Studios as a QA tester. My aspiration is to one day become a professional game designer.

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