Daniel McGirr

About the work

This Advanced Asset Production project was a massive undertaking, having no previous knowledge to draw on other than what I had learned in my first year at confetti. The aim was to create a workable environment showcasing the culmination of skills and experienced I had absorbed throughout my time at Confetti.

As I maybe didn’t have the same knowledge set as other students. I focused on using my strengths while going for a simplistic approach.

The project was made using realism as a reference combining it with the aspects of imagination thus allowing for near complete freedom of creation. This itself meant that I wasn’t constrained in the creation process.

The most satisfying part of this project was being able to use my now acquired knowledge to use a culmination of software’s meaning that I could see the project progress from start to end while retaining the original concept that was made right at the very start.

Student Bio

Being a mature student my journey to Confetti doing Games Production was not one without its unexpected surprises. Coming from an access course in a completely different field meant that every experience was completely new to me, but with hard work and a team of amazing and tentative lectures these were made enriching instead of daunting,

The opportunities that I had at Confetti were too numerous to count; from small Q&A discussions with individual lectures, to massive chances to hear from professionals still in the field at the renowned Industry Week – there are always chances to learn for those seeking it.

As for myself, I hope to continue this amazing journey that I’ve started on and in the future take my first sets into the professional environment by creating my own small company or by working on freelance projects.

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