David Tickle

About the work

The inspiration for my model design came from finding ways to make a standard bicycle helmet more into something that looks like it could cause a lot of damage although may be practically shallow. The details were a case of trying several designs loosely based on existing movie prop apocalypse helmets.

In addition, finding ways to incorporate various modelling techniques during the process. The most valuable learnt experience from the process is developing a clear understanding of the work flow process of developing assets.

Student Bio

I started by learning UE4 as a hobby after I had finished college and was interested to develop more skills in the production of games.

Confetti has offered a lot of additional events with my favourite being the talks from former students who provided insightful information about their journey to industry.

I hope to work on small projects throughout my time at Confetti and release a few small games over the next few years and continuing to do so after graduation.

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