Dominika Ochenkowska

About the work

My project was inspired by the artist and designer Simon Stalenhag’s style.

My aim was to achieve a moody, static scene, that could be used as an establishing shot in a bigger sequence. I sourced all the images by myself, and then edited and combined them together, using all the skills and knowledge gained over the first two terms. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I didn’t finalise my idea, but I have a detailed plan for further development of my scene.

Student Bio

I can’t imagine a better place to study. Every term at Confetti is making me more and more fascinated about my course.

I’m surprised at how many new skills I gained over the first few months and I’m very proud of my final work. I also attended Industry Week for the first time, where I learned a lot about the film industry.

Confetti is also very well equipped in professional hardware and software which allows me to carry out all my ideas. I aspire to work in the VFX industry and I’m sure that studying at Confetti will make it possible.

You can check out more of Dominika’s work on Instagram.

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