Elizabeth Baird

About the work

For my Asset Production project, I was inspired by designs from the 1950s which is reflected in the paint can, hairspray can, battery and hairdryer design. My grandma was the main source of inspiration for this step as she recommended different brands from that period for me to use, making the concept very special!

I used Photoshop to recreate labels and imported them into Substance Painter so they could be implemented using the projection tool. The model itself was made using 3DS Max with the bulk of the work being created using Cylinders. To keep the poly-count at a 13,000 I used normal maps, which can be seen in areas such as the screws. It was then rendered in Unreal Engine 4, Marmoset and Substance Painter to gain a variety of results.

Student Bio

My journey with Confetti started on the Level 3 Games Art course during college where I realised I love the challenge of 3D and wanted to look more into bringing them to life! I applied for Games Production after taking a gap year and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The teachers are great and truly live up to their title whilst the course has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to find outside of Confetti including a Student Ambassador role, internship and invitation to Industry Week. This has greatly aided me in achieving my goals.

Going forward, I hope that I can continue to develop my 3D work and potentially secure a role in the field. Over the summer I’m learning Blender, developing a pixel game and building up my portfolio!

Check out more of Elizabeth’s work by visiting┬áher website or ArtStation page.


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