Elizabeth Baird

About the work

The Great Plains

This was a piece created for our module environment brief, which allowed me to explore the technical art side of UE4. I learnt about new techniques such as RVT, shaders and depth fade through online blogs. I aimed for a ‘Ghibli style’ and created several materials in Substance Designer to fit the brief. It also inspired me to create my own blog and was the first piece I created in the style I’m aiming to specialise in.

Delta – 037

Based on Alexander Winkler’s piece ‘The Colonial Power Plants’, this piece was created for the students only ‘Rookies World of Real-time Discoveries’ competition. As this was an ongoing project along with my other University assignments, time was a huge consideration. It taught me project breakdown and the value of ‘recycling’ assets.

36-Hour Sustainability Game Jam – Evergreen Island

We worked as a team of 6 over 36 hours to create this piece – I created all the 3D aspects which were made using Maya. For texturing, there was one main UV sheet with multiple colours for utility purposes. Our theme was renewable energy and we placed third!

Student Bio

My time at Confetti so far has been full of new opportunities, challenges and experiences which have paved the way to the games industry and taught me the importance of a growth mindset. This year hasn’t been conventional but despite this, I’m proud of my class, tutors and peers for taking it in stride and producing brilliant work.

Industry Week provided new perspectives and talks from professionals – it was a joy to attend. I particularly loved the ‘Sustainability Game Jam’ as we could collaborate with NTU, connect with classmates in a unique setting, and create a product we were proud of.

For the third year I’m going to continue developing 3D stylised environments, as I hope to specialise in this area. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead and see what we can all create together!