Farai Thondhlana

About the work

The project is a collaboration with a sensational South African vocalist named Lizwi. She has worked with the finest artists and I have always admired her range and authentic Zulu vocals.

The track itself is my way of not losing connection with where I come from. I grew up playing marimbas and drums, which is why they are the focal point of the track. I also love a bass that “talks” to you, constantly moving as it has a big place and contextualising the house aspect.

Student Bio

Having moved from Birmingham City University I’ve found a creative home at Confetti. I have been involved as product manager of the new student label and achieving international success having made the Beatport Top 100 with a release made during my year here.

My goal is to work at a major house music label while also focusing on my love for producing and sharing music. I came to Confetti for the opportunity to work towards making that happen and have not looked back.

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