George Henfrey

About the work

The video that is shown is a demo of my Augmented Reality escape room, built for my Masters degree.

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 situation we are in, I was unable to test this as I had intended as it required one to one participant involvement which I was could not do.

However, this video demo shows how image recognition can be used to create a unique experience for the user. Experimenting with AR is one of my favourite things to do, and to try and use it in interesting ways is also a goal of mine. I have also started to look at the design of environments and have been experimenting with various themes.

Student Bio

I have now been at Confetti for six years; from L3 up to my current Masters degree.

I have participated in six Industry Week events, listening to interesting talks from many people in the industry. During my time, I have been a student mentor and recently led the organisation and running of the Confetti Game Jam 2020.

I have actively participated in the Dodgeball team for five years and was treasurer for a year. My aspiration is to get into the games industry as soon as possible; I know I have useable skills and am eager to get started. One day I would hopefully run my own games company.

You can check out more of George’s work on his website.

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