Georgia Monsheimer

About the work

This showcase piece is a 3D model created under the brief of Zombie Apocolypse Weapon. It was my intention to not only show of my modelling ability, but also express creativity and flair in the unique design. My weapon, otherwise known as Lagniappe (Louisiana French for ‘a bit extra’) is a Jazz trumpeters last resort to fending of the zombie hoard; using the trumpet shell and aerosol canisters to blast the flammable air out one end which is set alight by a classic ‘zippo’ lighter.

It was imperative that I followed industry standard modelling workflow in the project to achieve what desired. This meant not only following guidelines such as limiting poly-count and texture maps, but also doing processes in the right order. Once it was all complete – from modelling, to texturing and creating sounds, I could put them all together into two final pieces, my turntable video and a portfolio page. The turntable render required moving into a game engine and creating a cut-scene that showed off the model in all of its glory, with particle effects and sounds, while the portfolio page showed high quality renders alongside key details like texture maps and poly counts.

The second submission is a project that showcases my Unreal skills; from level building to blueprint creation. I decided to do this in the form of a shooting range, as it has many different features: from segmented levels, differentiating dialogue, shooting mechanics, linear AI, roaming AI, dropping, picking up, swapping as well as a host of animation configuration.

To add creative flair, I chose a western theme so I could create an old school map in a cartoon-y style. The models and animations used within my game were not of my own creation, however I chose outsourced materials that I could configure and edit to fit my needs, or that I could use to build my own unique structures. This meant that, though what I used was created by someone else, I molded them to work in my instance and in my game. If there was something I needed and it wasn’t available to hand however, I created them myself – such as the knife, the target boards and their accompanying artwork. Most if not all the blueprint mechanics were of my own creation, which I ensured were all neatly laid out and easily understandable, find-able and editable.

Student Bio

Joining Confetti has been one of the best decisions in my life.

Throughout my two years at college and now the degree course, I have been given a multitude of opportunities to hone my skills in the games industry as well as make connections to those that can help me accomplish my future aspirations.

The yearly Industry Week has allowed me to meet industry professionals in and out of my own industry, and showed me that its all possible as long as you put in the effort to succeed. The course itself has also provided experiences such as escape rooms and conventions that I would have only dreamed of otherwise. Throughout the rest of my time at Confetti, I aim to continue to showcase my work and reach as many people as possible so that the door at the end of my education is wide open with opportunity.

You can check out more of Georgia’s work by visiting her website or connecting via LinkedIn.

Games Tech/Production Rising Star of the Year

Georgia is this year’s Rising Star award winner for Games Tech/Production. Dedicated with an excellent level of engagement in class, Georgia continues to produce exemplar content for her peers to aspire to.

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