Georgia Monsheimer

About the work

For this project, we were tasked with creating an escape room as a group or solo. Deciding to go solo, I began planning and producing Stages, a story-driven puzzle escape room that revolves around loss, grief and memories shown through a couple’s life and love together now that one is experiencing the loss of the other.

Each stage represents a stage of grief that the husband must pass through upon learning of his wife’s illness, with puzzles and actions of the room symbolising the closely researched emotions and processes in each stage, before finally reaching acceptance. As I worked individually, I created everything for this game myself by using the surrounding assignments of the year to build towards that one overall goal – to create this game. This included design, cinematics, artwork, programming, assets and more – going out of my design comfort zone to advance some of the skills needed in other areas of the industry to further widen my reach and experience for the future.

Student Bio

Joining Confetti has been one of the best decisions in my life. Throughout my two years at college and now the degree course, I have been given a multitude of opportunities to hone my skills in the games industry, as well as make connections with those that can help me accomplish my future aspirations.

The yearly Industry Week has allowed me to meet industry professionals in and out of my own industry and showed me that it’s all possible as long as you put in the effort to succeed. The course itself has also provided experiences, such as escape rooms and conventions that I would have only dreamed of otherwise.

Throughout the rest of my time at Confetti, I aim to continue to showcase my work and reach as many people as possible so that the door at the end of my education is wide open with opportunity.

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