Grace Robinson

About the work

These are a set of three posters I created for my loneliness campaign for module one. I wanted to make loneliness an actual thing and in this case, a monster that follows you around in lots of different situations

This is a magazine spread I created for a fashion style magazine, I first drew the illustration then used the pen tool on Illustrator to create it digitally

The dachshund wrapping paper was part of a set of other products I designed. I drew the illustration and then used Illustrator to make it digital and create the pattern.

Student Bio

Since starting at Confetti, I have seen huge progress in my design skills and abilities. I have discovered more of my passion for illustrating.

I have been able to work on live briefs, which had given me skills which I will be able to transfer when I finish.

There has been a wide range of opportunities, such as Industry Week which have allowed me to gain more knowledge of the world of work and given me skills that I feel will be valuable after Confetti.