Henry Brown

About the work

My creature design project tasked me with the job of sculpting a creature, rigging the asset and have it fully animated and composited into a sequence. I started my project by looking at concept art and sequences from the Jurassic World series which helped me narrow down my sculpt to a T-Rex. Using the lectures and my own research, I drew up an initial plan for my final sequence. This meant I could now sculpt my T-rex using the new skills I had been learning and eventually arrive at a point where I have it fully rigged and animated in a scene. I wanted to combine the 3D assets with a tracked background to flush out the scene and give it depth to help complete my sequence.

Using various skills from my 1st year on the course, I was able to combine many different professional workflows to ensure my final sequence was indicative of a feature film VFX sequence. This project was extremely fun as it widened my skill set and enabled me to see how many software packages come together to create one sequence.

Student Bio

Since starting the VFX Production Technology degree at Confetti, the support and level of teaching has been exceptional which has helped myself and others thrive with their projects. The tutors always know how to get the best work out of you, whether it’s starting the asset again, guiding you down one path or looking at other pieces of work for inspiration.

The opportunities at Confetti are endless with great showcases such as Industry Week where we get to see industry standard work, meet guests and see exclusive breakdowns of how these shots were completed. The access to industry standard equipment and studios, such as, drones and green-screens make even the most challenging sequences possible.

In the near future, I’m aiming to get a job at one of the VFX houses located in London as either a environments artist or creature modeller.

You can check out more of Henry’s work on his Youtube channel or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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