India Toon

About the work

This film was for my final assignment during my first year at Confetti. The short film is about a person trying and failing to make something on a sewing machine, with a slight twist.

This project started by planning all aspects of the film using skills and techniques I learned from lessons and then straight into filming. I was both cast and crew for the film, which came with a lot of challenges but also taught me how to be more adaptable and creative. I also enjoyed experimenting with the equipment I had and editing the film.

In the edit I learned more about cutting to tell a story. I made three different versions, which all told the same story but in different ways through pace of cuts, soundtrack and order of events.


Student Bio

Throughout my first year of Confetti, I have received a lot of support and have got involved in many opportunities. The highlights for me have been working with great people filming short stories for coursework but also as part of the film club. I was also fortunate to go to New York with other students where we got to see and do amazing things, including a workshop in the New York Film Academy. Other opportunities have been Industry Week and Grads4Nottm, which were both filled with insight and great experiences.

Going into my next year, I am excited to learn more about the whole process of filmmaking and getting involved in more opportunities.

Film Rising Star of the Year

India is this year’s Film Rising Star award winner. Dedicated, keen to work with others, and always present at Film Club meetings, India is an exemplar student who produces exceptional work.

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