Isabel Odegbami

About the work

1. This piece is featured from a collaborative project, Deceived by Beauty. The general style and theme direction can be summarised by our colour palette, consisting of bleak and de-saturated tones. The mood set is very cold and slightly intimidating, explaining the use of our deep, cool colours. This portrait was created for the use of Key Art, capturing the beauty juxtaposed with the coldness of the main character.

2. Born from Sin is my final major project in my second year. In this project, I aimed to address the environmental impact on ones mentality. The two characters, Santiago and Maria-Jose, are twins who developed antisocial behaviors due to past effects. Although this is exaggerated, the themes I try to portray in the artwork are to suggest subtle disturbances to self image and perception.

3. This work is a product of my Industry Practice module, in collaboration with the charity SpecialEffect. These pieces are created as industry-inspired work, derived from a few of my favourite video game titles, and turned into manga covers. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating these pieces, as they are a mashup of my childhood self and her interests. These pieces may differ from my other work, but they demonstrate my unique creativity and diversity in skill.

Student Bio

Joining Confetti and the Games Art degree course allowed me to develop and aspire to higher achievements within myself, all while doing it in the context of something I love and enjoy.

Confetti’s Industry Week allowed me to picture an ideal future for myself alongside gaining contacts, communications and insight with those who succeeded in their aspirations.

The unique opportunities offered within Confetti encouraged me to get the most out of each situation, furthering not only my technical art skills but preparing me for the industry. My personal goals centre around a few years of gaining experience from a team, eventually furthering towards releasing and leading an indie games company and first title.

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