Ja’maul Mario Adams

About the work

For my Digital Double project I deployed industry standard software and practices to try to create a photo-realistic likeness of a person entirely in 3D, which would be able to stand up to scrutiny and look real next to the real thing.

Using 100’s of photos taken of a subject, Photogrammetry was used to create a base model and textures which were then cleaned and optimized for rendering.

Student Bio

I joined Confetti in 2013, in the first cohort of their L3 VFX course. I was a relative novice to VFX but with knowledge and a passion for film. I have since gained an undergraduate degree and am now readying myself to graduate from my Masters. 

In the six years I spent at Confetti I had the opportunities to work on a number of short films; get experience with a feature film; visit some of the leading VFX houses in the country, such as ILM and Framestore; as well as winning Visual Effects Student of the Year.

You can check out more of Ja’maul’s work by visiting his ArtStation page, or connect via LinkedIn.


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