James Baker

About the work

The aim of my visual media portfolio was to create a lo-fi hip hop archive in response to a client brief.

The client required a varied array of music for use over video clips. The  brief stated that the music should fit within the lo-fi hip hop genre within a stated BPM range. To achieve this, research into lo-fi hip hop music production techniques was undertaken as well as listening to current trends in lo-fi music. The research found that lo-fi tracks were heavily sample-influenced, and used filtering and sample distortion to achieve the lo-fi aesthetic. Once familiar with these techniques, music pieces were written and produced in Ableton Live 10.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti after working in the live events industry. I wanted to further my skills and focus on moving into music production and recording. Confetti has given me the opportunity to gain experience using industry-standard audio equipment, and network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. The tutors at Confetti offer incredible insight as industry professionals.

The ties with Nottingham Trent University allowed me to make use of societies such as Trent Bass where DJ opportunities and collaborative work was easily accessible. My aspirations are to work in audio production and write my own music.

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