James Hujwan

About the work

Along all the work I produced this academic year, these three paintings are the ones I think best represent the growth I have made as an artist.

Two of these are a key art game idea I created and the other is a fan-art based piece inspired by Red Dead Redemption. All three are the result of being influenced by recommended artists given by my tutors and great teaching and guidance that steered me into the right direction for creating some incredible pieces.

Student Bio

Deciding to study the Games Art degree at Confetti was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. My time on this course has encouraged me to push myself as an artist and develop new skills and creative ideas that have helped shape my art style you see today.

Having so much creative freedom with different projects, I explored a wide variety of artists and art styles, took on several different production roles, and strived to create the best artwork I could.

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