Jana Sinkova

About the work


This project that demonstrates a 3D skeleton pocket watch is a part of my first summative assessment submission for Creating 3D Content for VFX that should have shown its topology quality and the ability to model assets for films. During this project, I used my knowledge about Autodesk Maya Software that I learned on the course to model it.

This was my first model with a difficult structure. I had to study not only the application but also the real pocket watch mechanism to achieve a believable model that was very interesting too.


The project that shows two scenes is a part of my second summative assessment submission for Creating 3D Content for VFX that should have shown the ability to give an overall look to the scene by adding and adjusting textures, shaders, and lighting.

While producing the sequence for this submission I researched and experimented with many applications that were mentioned and explained on our courses like Quixel Mixer and Substance Painter to ease my work and make this as good as I could at that moment.

It was very challenging and fun to plan and produce this work from sketches to final render. It felt great to see the result!

Student Bio

I joined Confetti after graduating from an ordinary school and I had a lot of challenges and opportunities during my first year on the Visual Effects Production Technology degree. These challenges have helped me understand this area more and develop a lot of useful skills that can be used not only in VFX.

There are many opportunities that helped me such as supportive tutors and Industry Week where we could learn about the work of VFX artists from industry professionals.

I am going to continue to study to improve my skills and broaden my knowledge of the subject.

VFX Rising Star Student of the Year

Jana is proving herself to be a very talented VFX artist. She came to the course with very little experience of visual effects technology, but has quickly proven that she has a natural ability in both practical skills and a theoretical understanding.

Her recent 3D projects show amazing creativity and excellent attention to detail to create a fantastic 3D sequence, and has been an integral part of the group compositing team project in which she took on the role of a lead 3D artist.

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