Joe Anthony Ibberson

About the work

This film is an experimental/surrealist film, which explores very specific themes and ideas, but I’m not giving those away. It is heavily inspired by David Lynch, Luis Bunuel and George Lucas’ short films he made when he was at USC.

The aim was to create something unique, something that only I could make and not something that just looked pretty, which isn’t where my strengths lie anyway.

Despite the small scale, the film was a challenge to make, partly because of certain limitations in equipment, but also because of location and weather restrictions over time, which lengthened the production and made me doubt myself, as well as the project.

But, I never gave up, and I am proud of the finished piece, because it is exactly the way I wanted it to be (it took a while to export though, 4K footage is a pain!).

Student Bio

Before I came to Confetti, I was a cleaner at the school I had just left. I knew Confetti through its reputation and, after some research, I started a new UCAS application. I can honestly say, I have no regrets.

Since being at Confetti, I have taken part in opportunities that I never thought I would be able to do, like working for Notts TV, the BBC, Spool Films and at Splendour. I have also met some brilliant people, staff included, who always try their best to help and support their students. One thing that definitely stands out about Confetti staff, they get to know their students.

My next aspiration is to make my first feature by the age of 26, as well as be a part of pushing the boundaries of the tools used to make and tell stories through films, TV and video games.

Visit Joe’s Youtube channel to see more of his work.

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