Joe Turner-Chapman

About the work

We’ll have one! is my final piece at Confetti. It’s a static-shot comedy based on the life of a bartender, the friendships they make and what happens when a co-worker leaves. The piece is based on real-life events and inspired by real co-workers of my own I have had while working alongside uni!

The Hard Cheese is a short special effects video.

Films contain some strong language.

Student Bio

Starting university much later than most people at Confetti, after completing a mechanic apprenticeship with 1 A-level to my name, I am finally graduating with a wealth of experience, shooting a wedding for a lovely couple in Notts, working with pubs, breweries and bands around the country and even editing for the BBC!

It has been an amazing journey. I have learned some awesome skills, made lifelong friends and even set up my own freelance business!

You can view more of Joe’s working by visiting his website or vimeo page.

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