Josef Hobson

About the work

The project I have worked on for this year is a personal IP called Onikiroshi: Contract with Death; a fantasy-action title that is largely inspired by from the Dark Souls series.

The processes taken throughout this project focus on the pre-visual concept sketches I produced before looking at different inspirational images from primary and secondary sourced images to help with form and texture, before resulting in a full-rendered image of the piece produced.

Student Bio

Over the last three years I have been able to produce pieces of artwork that I would never have been able to achieve, were it not for the help of my tutors throughout my time here at Confetti.

I have been able to see my digitally produced artwork evolve in quality over the years and see my portfolios and pieces produced as a visual representation of my journey throughout the course. I’ve also been able to observe how my skillset has become refined.

I hope now that I have finished my course, to get a job working in character/creature concept design for a games company, as I feel it will be the best position for my skillset.

You can you check out more of Joe’s work by visiting his ArtStation page.

Games Art Student of the Year

Joe’s hard work has paid off, being awarded this year’s Games Art Student of the Year.

Joe has worked incredibly hard over the past three years to improve his technical understanding and application of Games Art techniques. His commitment to his practice has led him on an incredible journey of creative discovery and his artwork has improved significantly. Attentive, affable and professional, he has the potential to have a very successful career in the Games or Creative Industries.

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