Jurate Trimonyte

About the work

My project was born very unexpectedly. I had to come up with a completely new film idea with a lot of restrictions, but I know that music has no limitations – you can listen, write, produce, play instruments and sing during even the most difficult times. I was inspired to produce a short film about a lonely creator and unique songs of his.

Planning and shooting the film were not the most difficult parts. I had to face more difficult issues including the failure of my hard drive and making an assembly only of 30% of the footage I actually shot. I was blessed to have a musician as the main subject of my film since he provided me with the music tracks and professional voice recordings from his studio microphone. The sound played the biggest role in this short film and the final sound mix gratified me.

It was also challenging to present the particular idea because we were shooting Kadet without a script or shotlist. However, after editing some of the assembly I realised that it does not have to follow any rules because film is a form of art and my idea was to show that music and visuals make a wonderful connection.

Student Bio

Since I’ve always appreciated music and the fascinating combination it can make with visuals, I decided to join the community which could help me implement my creative ideas, gain the academic knowledge in the field of film and assist me in joining my music and filmmaking skills together to produce high quality content which could satisfy industry standards.

Having possibilities such as listening to film industry professionals sharing their experiences about working on big productions made me feel even more positive about studying at Confetti.

All the modules, Photography Club and Film Production Club sessions that I have attended helped me comprehend what I have to learn and research, which skills should be built and, in the end, what my future goals are.

Check out more of Jurate’s work by visiting her Vimeo page or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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