Kayleigh Walsh

About the work

For this project we were asked to create a promotional video whilst using various post-production techniques.

As an active member of the society Trent TV, I decided to use my work and contributions from the academic year to create a video that highlights and promotes the society. To get to this final piece I created a post-production process workflow which allowed me to work on each individual section such as visual editing, colour grading and sound design.

Throughout the year we were taught how to do each of these aspects practically, as well as the theory behind them so we could make rational decisions when creating our final pieces for the relevant audience. As well as this edit we also had to make smaller edits for different platforms (Instagram/Facebook etc.) using the correct settings.

This project has taught me lots of skills including making multimedia for different platforms and purposes.

Television Production Student of the Year

Kayleigh has shown incredible determination and dedication to the course from the very start, excelling in all modules, attending and engaging with all course content. She quickly developed a strong role within the course itself, becoming a CERT mentor to support others, stepping up as student rep for FdSc, and being her classmate’s student voice for ensuring the course continues to develop and support its learners.

In this last year Kaleigh has been involved in almost all of the work opportunities presented to her, including various sports and music projects for the BBC, corporate projects, and live events in Nottingham. All of this factors, combined with her nature to help and support her peers through the course and help others at any given opportunity make her the student of the year for TV.

Student Bio

Since starting my degree at Confetti I have had loads of amazing work experience opportunities within the creative sector. These include working on the set of BBC Introducing, live-streaming the National Ice Skating Championships, working with Notts TV and many more exciting opportunities.

These opportunities have really allowed me to explore the creative industry and see what kind of creative work there is available, as well as develop my skills and make new networking connections.

I have also been able to get involved with NTSU’s societies such as Trent TV, which has allowed me to also learn new skills, make new experiences and friends which has contributed to my overall experience as a Confetti student.

I aspire to continue to embrace the opportunities that Confetti have to offer and use this to build a portfolio and gain work within the creative industries.

You can check out more of Kayleigh’s work on Pebblepad.

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