Luca Selwood

About the work

The campaign brief is mentioned in my portfolio as part of the Branding and Advertising module. I created a social media campaign aimed at 13 to 20-year-olds focusing on the effects of social media on mental health and body image and made several poster designs focusing on typography and vector illustration. I used Adobe Illustrator for the majority of these designs. This brief has been ongoing and the development of different ideas can be seen throughout the portfolio.

Student Bio

I joined Confetti in 2020 (first year) and although COVID took away a lot of experiences I’ve grown a lot over the last year. I had no experience in Graphic Design before this course, but with my knowledge in art and the help of my course leader I’ve been able to learn a lot and improve as a designer.

NTU provides lots of opportunities, such as Industry Week and societies. I joined FFC, a dance society, and have joined the committee in the role of treasurer for the next academic year. Industry Week had a wide range of different Graphic Designers, and I was able to take their experiences and apply it to my own work.

My aspirations are to work in the creative sector as a graphic designer and have a job I love.