Lucas Bolton

About the work

My final year major project revolved around the idea of a Fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that exhibited traditional Japanese themes and aesthetics.

Originally, I had chosen a base fantasy brief that emphasized the pulls between good and evil. This then became the main focus of the project and I found myself constantly asking questions on how I would convey these themes, and if they are evident in the semiotics of this game thus far.

The visuals as a whole, suggest the country of origin. This is done by using period clothing and architecture, whilst also relying on part of the Japanese alphabet – Kanji – to narrow down the intended influences to the players.

The idea of good and evil, and light and dark, was simulated by the use of light blue and purple shades which determined the factions and alignments to the viewers.

Student Bio

Having done a foundation degree prior to joining the Confetti family, I had some basic fundamentals in the creative arts. Confetti gave me the opportunity to explore my already existing practices and discover which direction I wanted to take in the future.

This included multiple exhibitions and work placements that provided a foundation that contributed to my professional manners.

From this, I have identified my love for fan art and illustration. Whilst I do support commercial art and its integrity to the creative industry, at the moment I prefer to create artworks for myself and others in fandoms that I am too apart of, before I decide my future path.

Head over to Lucas’ website to see more fantastic work, or check out his ArtStation page.

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