Marisa “Kim” Wyatt

About the work

For project 1, I was working on a campaign to raise awareness about the Thailand protest which is like the Hong Kong and Myanmar situation. I thought this picture perfectly illustrates what’s happening in Asia concerning our rights as the umbrella is commonly used to deflect tear gas.

For project 2, I was messing around with mixed-media illustrations with a horror theme and remembered that some voodoo traditions alter the faces of their victims i.e. remove the eyes for blindness, remove the mouth for silence, remove the head for memory loss or death. I used myself as an experiment and placed it against multiple surfaces (including a red light which is what I used here), then I created a book surrounding that inspiration called, “Evil Mythologies Around the World: An Introduction to Asia”.

For the rest, I challenged my photography skills by only using my phone with no editing software and capture something “unusual”. The first photo was a very close shot inside the music box/snow globe with the sunset as a halo. The second photo was taken through distorted glass, similar to the last photo which was inside a perfume bottle.

Student Bio

Confetti presented multiple opportunities that benefited me in my learning as well as giving me the chance to expand my art and business knowledge. I liked the creative independence given as well as private 1:1 tutorial which really helped me flourish and display my favourite art styles incorporated into my best designs.

As someone who eventually wants to own a business and make money through self-employment/freelancing, I’d say that this course gave me a useful insight into other skills I didn’t consider like marketing and advertising.