Michael Groves

About the work

This work is from my own IP: Monolithic.

Monolithic is a trading game set in the dark underbelly of a corrupt galaxy, where each choice will impact the world around you, as well as alter your future interactions with the characters you do business with.

During this project I wanted to show off all of my skills I had learned about 3D modelling from my time at Confetti. I made use of every technique included in the full 3D pipeline, from conceptualising the forms, to building the models and texturing them ready for use within the game engine.

I created all of the models in Maya and the textured were created in Quixel Mixer 2020, and finally the scene was composed within Unreal engine 4. The ship was my main asset throughout the whole project, it is the cargo ship that the playable character owns and customises throughout the game, and so I wanted to give it a full interior space that could be explored. This pushed my skills as a 3D artist, especially in regard to keeping the poly-count of the scene low enough for it to be used as a game-ready asset.

Student Bio

When I first came to Confetti, I had no plans for what I wanted to do after my time here. But through the range of projects we did, as well as being inspired by the talks and work of professionals during Industry Week, I discovered a passion for hard-surface modelling. Once I had realised what I wanted to do, I spent my final year focusing on learning all that I could about 3D to prepare myself for a role in the industry.

The flexibility of the course and the amazing teaching staff allowed me to approach each project in the way that I wanted and helped me to achieve the best work that I could.

As sci-fi is one of my main interests and inspirations, I’d love to work on a Star Wars game during my career.

You can check out more of Michael’s work by visiting his ArtStation page or Sketchfab.

Best Games Art of the Year

Michael scoops this year’s Best Games Art for his exemplified resilience and tenacity. He has far surpassed the taught content and produced a collection of work that is testament to his growth.

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