Mohamed Dembele

About the work

This project involves the creation of a 3D environment where I have recreated my bedroom as a child back in 2006.

I featured a lot of additional objects of things that I enjoyed as a kid such as cartoons, films and video games. Overall, it took me around two weeks to model the whole bedroom and another two weeks to texture and apply the finishing touches.

The process of rendering was very long but I was able to overcome the issues I faced during this process. In total, it took around 110 hours to render the entire project.

I am very pleased with how my project has turned out and it was a very challenging but fun experience.

Student Bio

I’ve been at Confetti for three years now and the experience has been incredible so far.

Being engaged in industry work practice and creating VFX is just a few of the many things I enjoy. I feel like I am pursuing the career of my dreams and I am enjoying every moment of it so far.

I look forward to where the journey will take me.

You can check out more of Mohamed’s work on his Youtube channel.

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