Nicola Albans

About the work

This piece was made for a matte painting assignment and was based on a concept of an alien planet but not the standard red world, my concept was to make it greener.

As the project progressed, the idea of making it feel more like our world soared. It was my first ever matte painting sequence, so was a great learning experience for me. To create it I built the basic scene and camera in Maya before exporting and bringing them into nuke. This method allowed me to see my 3D scene in nuke meaning I could add different elements like fog and glow to the correct position in camera.

Finally, I rendered out my Maya scene making it into the scene to replace the 3D models.



Student Bio

When I originally joined confetti, I was supposed to be on the Games Art course. However, due to one fault or another I ended up on the visual effects course and it was the best mistake I’ve made. This course is the perfect amount of creative and technology mixed together, and I’d definitely recommend it to people looking to go into the industry.

During my time at confetti, as a college student and now a degree student I have attended 3 industry weeks and gone on a few trips to places like the York film festival. All these experiences have broadened my knowledge of my industry and exactly what its going to take to become apart of it.

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