Oscar Ainge

About the work

The work of mine which is being exhibited at this year’s showcase is the Ozz Orange Advert.

I aspire to work on advertisements and therefore I committed one of my projects, Dynamic Simulations, to creating an advertisement from scratch. I took inspiration from the Share a Coke advertisement made by CGMeetup and converted it into my own idea. I used previous design experience to create branding for the can including a label as well as a logo for the brand, this was done in Adobe Photoshop.

Simulation production and texturing was executed in Houdini, rendered through Mantra and then the advertisement was stitched together through Adobe Premiere Pro. Although that is folding the entire project into simple terms, the whole process was a rollercoaster of things working and others not, finding solutions and unintentionally creating further problems.

Due to Covid-19, I was not able to render the entire sequence, although I am still happy with my result.

Student Bio

Once I had completed my A Levels, I was stuck thinking about my next step and where I wanted to progress to. After much thought I finally decided on Confetti to study Visual Effects; a choice that I felt suited me to progress in my next step in life and a choice I can say, two years in, I have not regretted.

I believe Confetti’s tutors make special attention to individuals and provide a lot of one on one guidance that other universities would not usually provide due to class sizes. Not only this but you can see their drive to help students get connections and important information from the industry as displayed in the yearly Industry Week.

I have worked on a handful of projects since I began at Confetti – all expanding my set of skills for the future.

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