Raymond Carter

About the work

The project I created is a 3D matte painting of a jungle temple. The project could be split down to three stages.

The first stage being the pre-production stage. Here I found a variety of images that I could use as inspiration for my piece. I would also investigate the skills and techniques I would need to create the piece.

The second stage was the production phase where I used software such as Adobe Photoshop and Maya to create the 2D matte painting. I found and created a variety of images and pieced them together to seem as if it is its own image. I also used Maya to create a 3D temple and textured it using the software Quixel Mixer.

In the final stage, the post-production phase, I pieced all the layers and the 3D model together in the software Nuke. I would then project a camera onto these layers to animate my painting.

Student Bio

During the first year of studying at Confetti I have had some great opportunities working hands-on with professional equipment and software to create a range of visual effects.

I’ve already had some great opportunities, including Industry Week where I got to see guest speakers talk about their experiences in the industry.

I found this week a great inspiration and allowed me to get a great insight on how the industry works.

Check out more of Raymond’s work on his Vimeo page.

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