Rhys Bentley

About the work

This project was created to explore the escape room genre and allow me to produce puzzles.

The story behind it is that you are a test subject being put into this simulation to test their security. This being one of the tests that you are put up against.

This was also for an assignment where I got a ‘High 1st’. Due to me setting aside a period of time to take feedback to improve my game, this got me a huge chunk of marks. Also, I believe I got marks for making certain aspects of the game randomized allowing the factor of replayability, making the experience non-repetitive.

This being one of my projects that I am very fond of due to the overall outcome of the game and being, I think, a very polished game. The room for expansion is there as well so if I wanted to add more puzzles and rooms, I can.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in 2016, doing the Level 2 Games course and have been at Confetti for around 5 years now (it will be 6 in total).

I have been to EGX which was an exciting and excellent experience to meet indie developers and talk with them.

At the start of my game development, the games I created was very simple to now where I feel proud to show them. Over the years, learning new tools and techniques that are used in the industry and improves the overall look of my games.

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