Richard Platt

About the work

Myself and two other class members were given the opportunity to create this marketing advert for Hogs of War. As one of my first pieces of work for a client, I was very happy with the quality of work we provided and our final edit. As a new company it was great to be able to help promote the card game, as it also has a great fanbase from originally being a PlayStation 1 game.

For the project I handled client relations, planned the shoot and filmed alongside my friend Jake. The edit was created by Kayleigh Walsh for our product to then be complete. Having worked on the project I was able to put my skills into use within the real world, which has now given me more confidence to do other project like this.

Student Bio

I’m in my second year now at Confetti, and within this time I have been able to take part in a lot of opportunities such as the Hogs of War advert, Notts TV, filming the Junior National Figure Ice Skating Championship and many more. Throughout these different experiences I have been able to see how the industry works in different situations and by doing so, seeing what skills would be need.

I hope to pursue creative roles within the television industry, as well as looking forward to my final year and can’t wait to carry on building my portfolio within Confetti.

You can connect with Richard via LinkedIn.

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