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About the work


The advert was an opportunity to work on a live brief with a local company. Working alongside Escapologic who own a series of escape rooms in Nottingham and Leicester, I was able to enhance and practise skills learnt throughout the year. It was great being involved with a local business who gave us complete creative control.

For the project, I pitched, planned, filmed and edited a series of edits that were fit for broadcasting standards and social media. The final results produced were edited based on the research of social platforms and the different styles that maximises viewership. Besides helping with technical skills it also improved my confidence and professionalism, something that I will carry with me after education.


The trailer was based around the use of specialist camera and grip equipment and optimising the performance during and after the shoot, with in-depth planning documentation it allowed for a behind-the-scenes look at what it would take if we considered pitching a show to a broadcaster. The trailer was also an opportunity to think creatively behind the camera, something that I often shy away from, pushing me out of my comfort zone opening up many more doors for my learning to progress.

Current events in the world hindered progress meaning I had to adapt to a new style of learning, fully enforced by the university.

Student Bio

Before joining Confetti, my aspirations were unclear, but I knew I wanted to do something that required me to be creative. Confetti has allowed me to explore different aspects of the broadcasting world, as a technology enthusiast, the fact that I had access to arenas and studios filled with industry-leading equipment made the learning experience a lot more hands-on, beneficial to my learning style.

Throughout the past two years, I have been able to partake in placements offered by Notts TV, which gives an insight into the TV broadcasting world. With friendly staff and fellow students it’s a great opportunity to create new relationships. With numerous opportunities available throughout the year, I was able to work with clients such as The BBC and Motorpoint Arena to list a few.

I look forward to what the final year has to offer, building on my portfolio by seeking out more opportunities in the industry.

You can connect with Ryan via LinkedIn.

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