Sandra Rutkowska

About the work

This final year project was a culmination of my personal development as a 3D artist throughout the duration of the course. It allowed me to recreate one of my favourite local spots with an artistic theme that is heavily prevalent in today’s game industry.

Pitcher & Piano was originally an old church site, just before the start of the millennia, it was transformed and renovated into a unique and beautiful setting to enjoy great food, drink, and conversation. It combines the sacred with the profane and the spiritual with the indulgent. The stark contrasts made this building the perfect environment to brandish the cyberpunk style, Pitcher & Piano combines two worlds that are opposites apart, similar to how Cyberpunk clashes advanced technology against a derelict, dystopian world.

This environment allowed me to push myself as an artist, demanding certain aspects of photorealism while still providing a platform in which I could exhibit my creativity and fully utilise the skills which I had learned throughout the duration of my studies.

Student Bio

Joining Confetti was a chance for me to turn a new page, move to a new country and unlock a passion for a subject I had never truly appreciated. With initial aspirations to work within the games industry, my course and tutors helped me explore the creative intricacies of the industry I have grown to love and realise that my true calling lies within 3D modelling.

I hope to be able to apply what I’ve learned towards my professional career and I’m sure the experience I’ve gained, and lessons I’ve learned will act as building blocks towards the next chapter of my life.